CallCollector is a virtual voicemail box to collect calls from fans, customers, groups, or whatever you need it for.

Dial +12158746118

Want early access? Of course you do.

Call +12158746118, or use the call button to leave a message on on our CallCollector telling us what you want to do with it.

And, you know, leave a number so we can get back to you.

So what's it for? That's up to you.

Anything really. A business may use it as a complaint & feedback line. A talk radio station may use it to allow listeners to vent to (or about) their on-air personalities. You may use it to collect wishes from family all over the county and stitch them together for a relative's birthday or anniversary.

Where does it go? Not in your email.

Your recordings are stored on along with the information about the call.

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